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Abroma Augusta Plant

Abroma Augusta Plant

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Step into the verdant embrace of  Abroma Augusta Plant, a plant that seamlessly marries medicinal virtues with ornamental splendor. Presented by Vermi Organics, this botanical gem promises to be both a visual treat and a green remedy, making it a must-have for gardens and therapeutic repertoires alike.


Hailing from the tropical regions of Asia and Australia,  Abroma Augusta Plant is a small tree or shrub known for its large, vibrant green leaves and distinctively dark maroon flowers. Often referred to as the "Devil's Cotton," this plant's uniqueness lies in its contrasting beauty and the thorny disposition of its stem and branches.


  • Therapeutic Virtues: Traditionally, various parts of  Abroma Augusta Plant have been used in herbal medicine for their potential therapeutic properties.
  • Ecological Role: Its nectar-rich flowers attract various pollinators, fostering a biodiverse environment.
  • Ornamental Value: The deep maroon flowers, set against lush green leaves, add an exotic touch to gardens.

Type of Plant:

Outdoor. Given its preference for open spaces and sunlight, Abroma Augusta is best suited for outdoor gardens and park settings.


  • Sunlight: Abroma Augusta thrives in full sunlight, ensuring robust growth and abundant flowering.
  • Watering: While it's moderately drought-tolerant, regular watering ensures a healthy plant, especially during its growth phase.
  • Soil: It prefers well-draining soil, enriched with organic matter. A slightly acidic to neutral pH is ideal.
  • Pests and Diseases: Generally hardy, but occasional checks for aphids and caterpillars can help maintain plant health.

Common Names:

Besides its scientific moniker, Abroma Augusta, the plant is popularly known as Devil's Cotton, Ulat Kambal, and Perennial Indian Hemp.


  • Height: Typically grows up to 8-10 feet but can reach heights of up to 15 feet in ideal conditions.
  • Leaves: Large, ovate leaves, with serrated edges, exuding a bright green hue.
  • Flowers: Dark maroon, almost chocolate-colored flowers that hang downward, adding a unique aesthetic appeal.

Special Features:

  • Distinctive Blooms: Its downward-facing, deep maroon flowers set it apart from typical garden plants.
  • Thorny Disposition: The presence of thorns on its stem and branches adds to its unique character, making it both beautiful and formidable.


  • Medicinal: In traditional medicinal systems, various parts, especially the bark and roots, have been used for ailments ranging from diabetes to menstrual disorders.
  • Ornamental: Its unique floral display makes it an eye-catching addition to gardens, especially tropical-themed landscapes.
  • Natural Dyes: Some regions utilize Abroma Augusta for extracting natural dyes for textile applications.

With Abroma Augusta from Vermi Organics, garden enthusiasts and holistic health seekers alike can experience the dual charm of this plant. Its striking appearance, coupled with its storied therapeutic history, ensures that it's not just another plant but a holistic experience. Invite this tropical marvel into your space and let it regale you with its tales of nature's wonders.

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