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Cassia Siamea, Cassia Florida (Yellow) - Plant

Cassia Siamea, Cassia Florida (Yellow) - Plant

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Unveil the radiant beauty of Cassia Siamea, commonly known as Cassia Florida (Yellow), a botanical marvel available at Vermi Organics. This tropical tree graces landscapes with its clusters of vibrant yellow flowers, creating a spectacle of color and charm. Originating from Southeast Asia, Cassia Siamea is not merely a plant; it is a living celebration of nature's brilliance. Explore the distinctive features that make this tree a standout addition to outdoor spaces and discover how it can infuse your garden with tropical allure.


Cassia Siamea, a member of the Fabaceae family, boasts a rich heritage rooted in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Recognized for its striking yellow blossoms, this deciduous tree has become a symbol of warmth and vitality. Vermi Organics takes pride in offering gardening enthusiasts the chance to cultivate this botanical gem, appreciating its aesthetic appeal and cultural significance.


Beyond its visual appeal, Cassia Siamea offers multiple benefits for both the environment and potential well-being. The tree attracts pollinators, contributing to the biodiversity of gardens. While primarily valued for its ornamental value, various parts of Cassia Siamea have been traditionally used in herbal medicine for their potential therapeutic properties. However, caution and consultation with healthcare professionals are advised for any medicinal applications.

Type of Plant:

Cassia Siamea is an outdoor plant that thrives in full sunlight, making it ideal for gardens, parks, and tropical landscapes. Due to its size and growth habits, it is not recommended for indoor cultivation. The tree's ability to adapt to various soil types and climates makes it a versatile and resilient choice for outdoor spaces.


Caring for Cassia Siamea involves providing it with the right conditions to showcase its full splendor. Plant the tree in well-draining soil and ensure it receives ample sunlight for optimal flowering. Regular watering during the growing season and occasional pruning to maintain its shape contribute to its overall health and aesthetic appeal. With moderate care requirements, Cassia Siamea rewards gardeners with a breathtaking floral display that enhances the beauty of any landscape.

Common Names:

Cassia Siamea goes by several common names, reflecting its widespread cultivation and regional associations. Common names include Cassia Florida (Yellow), Siamese Senna, and Thai Senna.


  • Botanical Name: Cassia Siamea
  • Common Names: Cassia Florida (Yellow), Siamese Senna, Thai Senna
  • Type: Deciduous tree
  • Height: 25-40 feet
  • Spread: 15-25 feet
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun
  • Soil Type: Well-draining, fertile soil
  • Watering: Moderate
  • Hardiness Zone: 10-12

Special Features:

Cassia Siamea possesses special features that enhance its allure in outdoor spaces:

  • Vibrant Yellow Flowers: The tree produces vibrant clusters of yellow flowers, creating a stunning visual display that adds warmth and vibrancy to the landscape.
  • Deciduous Foliage: Cassia Siamea sheds its leaves during the dry season, allowing the floral display to take center stage and highlight its striking blossoms.
  • Adaptability: The tree is known for its adaptability to various soil types and climates, making it a resilient choice for diverse outdoor environments.


The uses of Cassia Siamea encompass both ornamental and potential medicinal applications:

  • Ornamental Tree: Cassia Siamea is a prized ornamental tree, often used in gardens, parks, and public spaces to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the landscape.
  • Landscape Enhancement: The vibrant yellow blossoms of the tree make it a standout feature in tropical and subtropical landscapes, creating a captivating focal point.
  • Potential Medicinal Uses: Various parts of Cassia Siamea, including the bark and leaves, have been traditionally used in herbal medicine for their potential therapeutic properties. However, caution and consultation with healthcare professionals are advised for any medicinal applications.
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