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Chelidonium Majus - Plant

Chelidonium Majus - Plant

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Indulge in the captivating allure of Chelidonium Majus Plant, offered by Vermi Organics. Commonly known as Greater Celandine or Tetterwort, this herbaceous perennial is a botanical gem that graces gardens with its delicate yellow blooms and lobed foliage. Immerse yourself in the world of Chelidonium majus as we explore its unique characteristics, historical uses, and the enchantment it brings to outdoor spaces.

About: Chelidonium Majus Plant, a member of the poppy family Papaveraceae, is native to Europe and Asia but has found its place in gardens worldwide. Renowned for its ornamental and medicinal properties, this herbaceous plant has a rich history dating back centuries. Vermi Organics introduces you to the beauty and versatility of Greater Celandine, inviting you to discover the charm it adds to your garden.

Benefits: Beyond its visual appeal, Chelidonium Majus Plant holds a place in traditional herbal medicine. The plant contains various alkaloids and compounds that have been explored for their potential benefits. Historically, it has been used to address skin issues, respiratory discomfort, and more. However, it's essential to exercise caution and consult with a healthcare professional before considering any medicinal use.

Type of Plant (Indoor or Outdoor): Chelidonium majus is primarily an outdoor plant, thriving in garden landscapes. Its preference for full sunlight to partial shade makes it well-suited for outdoor cultivation. While it may endure short periods indoors, the optimal growth, and flowering occur when Greater Celandine is allowed to flourish in open-air environments.

Care: Caring for Chelidonium majus involves providing the right conditions for its growth and well-being. Plant it in well-draining soil enriched with organic matter. Ensure it receives adequate sunlight, and water consistently, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. Pruning spent blooms can encourage prolonged flowering, while occasional monitoring for pests helps maintain the plant's health.

Common Names: Chelidonium majus goes by various common names that reflect its cultural significance and characteristics. Some of these names include Greater Celandine, Tetterwort, Swallowwort, and Nipplewort.


  • Height: Greater Celandine typically grows to a height of 1 to 3 feet, forming a clump of lobed foliage topped with clusters of yellow flowers.
  • Leaves: The leaves are lobed and pinnate, providing an attractive and textured backdrop to the vibrant blooms.
  • Flowers: The yellow flowers of Chelidonium majus are star-shaped and appear in clusters, creating a striking display in the garden.

Special Features: One of the standout features of Greater Celandine is its vibrant yellow blooms, which add a splash of color to garden landscapes. The lobed leaves and the sap produced by the plant, which is bright orange, contribute to its unique and eye-catching appearance.


  • Ornamental Gardens: Plant Chelidonium majus in ornamental gardens, where its vibrant yellow flowers and lobed foliage create a visually appealing display.
  • Medicinal Herb: Historically used in herbal medicine, Greater Celandine has been explored for its potential medicinal properties. However, caution and professional guidance are advised for any medicinal applications.
  • Naturalized Areas: Allow Greater Celandine to naturalize in shaded areas, creating a charming and low-maintenance addition to woodland or wild gardens.
  • Butterfly Gardens: The nectar-rich blooms of Chelidonium majus attract butterflies, making it a delightful addition to butterfly gardens and pollinator-friendly landscapes.
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