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Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea - Plant

Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea - Plant

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Behold the mesmerizing allure of Vermi Organics' Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea, a radiant orchid variety that graces your collection with a symphony of purple elegance. With its cascading clusters of vibrant purple blooms and slender, arching stems, this orchid variety is a captivating addition to any orchid enthusiast's repertoire. Dive into the world of Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea and elevate your orchid experience to new heights.

About: Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea is a delightful hybrid orchid that brings together the best of two worlds—the graceful Epidendrum ibaguense and a captivating purplish hue. Originating from the tropical regions of Central and South America, this orchid variety is celebrated for its vibrant and long-lasting blooms. Vermi Organics takes pride in offering this enchanting orchid, meticulously cultivated to thrive and enchant in your orchid collection.

Benefits: Beyond its visual appeal, Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea offers several benefits for orchid enthusiasts. Its robust nature and adaptability make it a suitable choice for both experienced growers and beginners. The long-lasting blooms provide an extended period of aesthetic enjoyment, adding a touch of elegance to any indoor or outdoor orchid garden.

Type of Plant: Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea can thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings, making it a versatile addition to your orchid collection. Its adaptability allows it to flourish in various environments, provided it receives the right care and attention.

Care: Caring for Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea involves providing the optimal conditions to showcase its vibrant blooms. For indoor cultivation, place the orchid in bright, indirect light and maintain a temperature range of 65 to 75°F (18 to 24°C). When grown outdoors, Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea prefers partial shade and protection from harsh midday sun. Regular watering and a well-draining orchid mix contribute to its overall health, while periodic feeding with a balanced orchid fertilizer enhances its vitality.

Common Names: Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea is known by various common names, reflecting its hybrid nature and vibrant coloration. Common names include the Purple Cascade Orchid and the Radiant Epidendrum.


  • Height: Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea typically reaches a height of 18 to 24 inches, creating an elegant and cascading display.
  • Blooms: The orchid produces clusters of small, purple blooms that create a stunning visual impact and add a pop of color to your orchid collection.
  • Bloom Duration: Enjoy an extended bloom period, with flowers gracing the plant for several weeks, bringing joy and beauty to your space.

Special Features: What sets Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea apart is its unique combination of graceful form and vibrant color. The arching stems adorned with cascading purple blooms create a spectacle that captures the eye and adds a touch of sophistication to any orchid collection. Its adaptability to various growing conditions and extended bloom duration make it a standout choice for orchid enthusiasts.

Uses: Explore the versatile uses of Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea in enhancing various aspects of your orchid collection and living spaces:

  • Indoor Orchid Display: Showcase Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea as a focal point in your indoor orchid collection, allowing its cascading blooms to bring a touch of elegance to your home.
  • Outdoor Orchid Gardens: Plant Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea in orchid gardens or shaded outdoor spaces, creating a captivating display that adds vibrancy to your landscape.
  • Orchid Enthusiast's Collection: Include Epidendrum ibaguense purpurea in your orchid collection, appreciating its unique beauty and the joy it brings with its long-lasting, purple blooms.
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