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Flower of Maharashtra, Taman - Plant

Flower of Maharashtra, Taman - Plant

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Enter the world of Vermi Organics and discover the Flower of Maharashtra, the Taman plant, a botanical marvel that graces the landscapes of the western state with its vibrant blossoms. Scientifically known as Leucaena leucocephala, the Taman is more than just a plant; it is a symbol of ecological resilience and cultural significance. Join us on a journey through the heart of Maharashtra, where every petal of the Taman tells a story of tradition, adaptability, and the timeless beauty of nature.


The Taman plant, a versatile and fast-growing tree, finds its roots in the tropical regions of Central and South America. Introduced to Maharashtra, it has become an integral part of the state's flora. Vermi Organics takes pride in offering this remarkable plant, inviting enthusiasts to cultivate a piece of Maharashtra's natural and cultural heritage in their outdoor spaces.


Beyond its ornamental value, the Taman plant offers a myriad of benefits to the environment and local communities. Taman is known for its nitrogen-fixing capabilities, enhancing soil fertility and supporting the growth of neighboring plants. Additionally, its rapid growth makes it a valuable resource for timber and fuelwood, contributing to sustainable land use practices.

Type of Plant:

Taman is primarily an outdoor plant, thriving in tropical and subtropical climates. Its adaptability to various soil types and resistance to pests make it a suitable choice for gardens, parks, and landscapes. While Taman is not typically grown indoors due to its size, it is well-suited for expansive outdoor spaces where its blossoms can be fully appreciated.


Caring for your Taman plant ensures its optimal growth and overall health. Plant it in well-draining soil enriched with organic matter, and provide a location with full sunlight for robust growth. Taman is relatively low-maintenance, requiring moderate watering and occasional pruning to shape the tree and remove dead or crowded branches.

Common Names:

The Taman plant is known by various common names, each reflecting its cultural significance and adaptability. Besides Flower of Maharashtra, it is also referred to as Leucaena, Lead Tree, and Wild Tamarind.


  • Height: The Taman tree can reach a height of 20 to 30 feet, creating a moderate-sized tree that fits well into various garden designs.
  • Flowers: The fluffy white blossoms of Taman are a distinctive feature, arranged in spherical clusters that create a visually appealing display.
  • Leaves: The compound leaves of Taman are pinnate, providing a lush green backdrop to the fluffy white blossoms.

Special Features:

Taman boasts special features that make it a captivating and ecologically significant choice for outdoor landscapes:

  • Nitrogen Fixation: Taman's ability to fix nitrogen enhances soil fertility, making it a valuable companion in gardens and agroforestry systems.
  • Rapid Growth: Taman is known for its rapid growth, making it a valuable resource for timber, fuelwood, and other wood-based products.
  • Adaptability: The plant's adaptability to various soil types and climates makes it a resilient choice for reforestation and land rehabilitation projects.


The Taman plant serves a variety of purposes, making it a versatile and valuable addition to outdoor spaces:

  • Agroforestry: Integrate Taman into agroforestry systems to benefit from its nitrogen-fixing abilities, which enhance soil fertility and support the growth of agricultural crops.
  • Timber Resource: Harvest Taman for timber and fuelwood, contributing to sustainable land use practices and providing a renewable source of wood.
  • Erosion Control: Plant Taman in areas prone to soil erosion to stabilize the soil with its extensive root system, preventing land degradation.
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