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Water Canna, Thalia Dealbata - Plant

Water Canna, Thalia Dealbata - Plant

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Water Canna, Water Canna Thalia Dealbata Plant, brought to you by Vermi Organics. Immerse your outdoor space in the beauty of this aquatic treasure, where lush foliage and captivating flowers create a haven of natural elegance. Explore the unique characteristics of the Water Canna and elevate your garden with the vibrant allure of this botanical gem.


Water Canna Thalia Dealbata Plant, commonly known as Water Canna, is a perennial aquatic plant known for its striking foliage and graceful flowers. Originating from wetland habitats in various parts of the world, this plant has found a special place in gardens, pond edges, and water features. With its adaptability to aquatic environments, the Water Canna thrives in both natural and cultivated settings, bringing a touch of tropical splendor to water gardens.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Water Canna Thalia Dealbata Plant offers several benefits to aquatic environments. Its dense foliage provides shade and shelter for aquatic organisms, contributing to the overall biodiversity of ponds and water gardens. The plant's root system also helps stabilize soil along pond edges, preventing erosion.

Type of Plant (Indoor or Outdoor):

The Water Canna is primarily an outdoor plant, thriving in aquatic environments such as ponds, water gardens, and boggy areas. Its growth is influenced by factors like water depth, sunlight, and soil composition. While it's not commonly grown indoors due to specific requirements, it becomes a focal point in outdoor landscapes, creating a tropical oasis.


Caring for the Water Canna involves providing it with the right conditions to thrive. Plant it in moist soil or shallow water, ensuring that the crown is slightly above the water surface. Full to partial sunlight is ideal for optimal growth, and regular watering or maintaining water levels is essential. Pruning dead or damaged leaves helps maintain the plant's vitality and aesthetic appeal.

Common Names:

The Water Canna is known by various common names, reflecting its appearance and habitat. Some common names include Thalia Dealbata, Hardy Water Canna, and Water Canna Lily.


Foliage: The Water Canna boasts large, lance-shaped leaves that can reach impressive heights. The leaves are typically green and may have a purple tint on the undersides, adding to the plant's visual interest.

Flowers: The plant produces clusters of showy flowers atop tall stems. The flowers are tubular with a unique violet-blue hue, creating a striking contrast against the green foliage. Flowering occurs during the warm months, adding a burst of color to the garden.

Special Features:

  1. Tropical Foliage: The Water Canna's lush, tropical-looking foliage makes it a standout feature in water gardens. The large leaves create a dramatic and exotic visual impact, resembling the foliage of tropical canna plants.

  2. Graceful Flowers: The plant's violet-blue flowers are held on tall stems, providing a sense of grace and elegance. The contrast between the vibrant flowers and the green foliage adds to the overall beauty of the Water Canna.

  3. Adaptability to Water Environments: Well-suited for aquatic environments, the Water Canna is adaptable to various water depths. Its ability to thrive in wetland conditions makes it a valuable addition to the edges of ponds and water features.


  1. Aesthetic Enhancement: The primary use of the Water Canna is for enhancing the aesthetics of ponds, water gardens, and aquatic landscapes. Its tropical foliage and vibrant flowers create a visually striking display, adding beauty and elegance to outdoor spaces.

  2. Habitat for Aquatic Life: The dense foliage of the Water Canna provides shelter and habitat for various aquatic organisms, including small fish, frogs, and insects. This contributes to the overall biodiversity of water environments.

  3. Erosion Control: The plant's robust root system helps stabilize soil along pond edges, preventing erosion. This erosion control feature makes the Water Canna a valuable addition to landscapes with water features.

  4. Tropical Garden Themes: The Water Canna is an excellent choice for creating tropical garden themes. Its exotic appearance, coupled with its adaptability to water environments, allows gardeners to evoke a tropical oasis in a variety of settings.

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