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Alternanthera Snow Top - Plant

Alternanthera Snow Top - Plant

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Introducing the enchanting Alternanthera Snow Top Plant, a botanical masterpiece offered by Vermi Organics. This distinctive plant, with its snow-white foliage, is a vision of purity and elegance. The Alternanthera Snow Top adds a touch of sophistication to any garden or landscape, creating a serene atmosphere with its unique coloration and compact growth. Join us in exploring the ethereal beauty of this exceptional cultivar.

About: Belonging to the Amaranthaceae family, the Alternanthera Snow Top Plant is a cultivar celebrated for its striking white leaves. Originating from South America, this plant has captivated gardeners worldwide with its ornamental value and versatility. With a compact growth habit and a preference for full sun to partial shade, the Snow Top is an ideal choice for those seeking a plant that combines aesthetic appeal with ease of care.

Benefits: Beyond its visual allure, the Alternanthera Snow Top Plant offers a range of benefits for both gardeners and their outdoor spaces. Its compact form makes it an excellent ground cover, suppressing weeds and creating a neat, well-defined look. The snow-white leaves provide a striking contrast in garden beds, borders, or containers, allowing for creative landscape design. With minimal care requirements, this cultivar proves to be a valuable addition to gardens of all sizes.

Type of Plant (Indoor or Outdoor): The Alternanthera Snow Top is primarily an outdoor plant, thriving in garden beds, borders, or containers. Its preference for full sun to partial shade makes it an ideal choice for landscaping projects, where its unique coloration can be showcased. While it is not typically cultivated indoors due to its sunlight requirements and growth habits, it excels in transforming outdoor spaces into serene, visually captivating settings.

Care: Caring for the Alternanthera Snow Top is a joy for both novice and experienced gardeners. Plant it in well-draining soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH. Regular watering is essential, particularly during dry periods, but be cautious not to overwater. Pruning can be done to maintain its compact shape and encourage bushier growth. With minimal maintenance needs, the Snow Top stands out as an easy-to-care-for plant that brings elegance to any landscape.

Common Names: The Alternanthera Snow Top is recognized by various names, each reflecting its ethereal beauty:

  1. Snow Top Alternanthera
  2. White Leaf Alternanthera
  3. Ivory Carpet Plant

These names highlight the cultivar's unique coloration and its ability to add a touch of purity to outdoor spaces.


  • Scientific Name: Alternanthera Snow Top
  • Family: Amaranthaceae
  • Height: 12 to 18 inches
  • Foliage: Snow-white, lance-shaped leaves
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
  • Watering: Moderate

Special Features:

  1. Snow-White Foliage: The most striking feature of the Snow Top is its pristine, snow-white leaves that create a serene and elegant ambiance.

  2. Compact Growth: With a compact and bushy growth habit, this cultivar is perfect for creating well-defined borders or adding texture to garden beds.

  3. Versatility: The Snow Top's adaptability to various soil conditions and its minimal care requirements make it a versatile plant suitable for different outdoor settings.


  1. Garden Borders: Plant the Snow Top along garden borders to create a serene, visually stunning frame for your outdoor space.

  2. Container Gardens: Its compact size and unique color make it an ideal choice for container gardens, allowing you to showcase its ethereal beauty on patios and balconies.

  3. Landscaping Accents: Incorporate this cultivar into landscaping projects to add a touch of purity and elegance to your garden design.

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