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Alyssum Rosie O Day - Flower Seeds Pack of 100

Alyssum Rosie O Day - Flower Seeds Pack of 100

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Dive into a world of enchanting blooms with Vermi Organics' Alyssum Rosie O Day - Flower Seeds Pack of 100. Renowned for their delicate clusters of rosy-pink blossoms, these seeds are your ticket to creating a fragrant and mesmerizing garden oasis.


  • Delightful Hue: The Alyssum Rosie O Day - Flower Seeds Pack of 100 boasts a captivating rosy-pink color, a unique and refreshing twist to traditional white alyssum.
  • Pack Size: Every pack is thoughtfully curated with 100 premium seeds, ensuring a garden filled with delightful blossoms.
  • High Germination Rate: Cultivated with care, our seeds promise an impressive germination rate, translating to a lush and vibrant garden.
  • Certified Organic: At Vermi Organics, we prioritize nature. Our seeds are organically sourced, free from synthetic chemicals, ensuring a natural and eco-conscious gardening journey.
  • Versatile Growth: Perfect for borders, rock gardens, containers, or as ground cover, Alyssum Rosie O Day is versatile and complements various garden setups.

Benefits of Alyssum Rosie O Day:

  • Honeyed Fragrance: Not only visually appealing, but the blossoms also emit a sweet, honey-like fragrance, making your garden a sensory delight.
  • Pollinator Magnet: The aromatic blooms are a favorite among bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects, enhancing biodiversity.
  • Extended Bloom Period: Alyssum Rosie O Day - Flower Seeds Pack of 100 graces your garden with its presence from early spring to frost, offering a prolonged display of beauty.
  • Drought Resilient: Once established, this variety showcases impressive drought tolerance, making it a gardener's favorite.

Planting Guidance:

  1. Opt for a location with full sun to light shade and well-draining soil.
  2. Surface sow the seeds as they need light to germinate.
  3. Maintain consistent moisture during the germination phase.
  4. Space seedlings or thin them for optimal growth, allowing air circulation.

Vermi Organics' Alyssum Rosie O Day Flower Seeds are more than just seeds; they are a promise of a garden that resonates with beauty and harmony. Place your order today and embark on a fulfilling gardening adventure!

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