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Vermi Organics

Bel Patra, Tree of Chitra Nakshatra, Virgo or Kanya Rashi - Plant

Bel Patra, Tree of Chitra Nakshatra, Virgo or Kanya Rashi - Plant

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Embark on a celestial journey with Bel Patra, the sacred tree associated with Chitra Nakshatra and Virgo (Kanya Rashi), available at Vermi Organics. Revered for its spiritual significance and unique attributes, Bel Patra graces your garden with its lush foliage and symbolic presence. Dive into the mystique of this celestial tree as we explore its distinct characteristics, spiritual connections, and the nurturing touch it receives at Vermi Organics.

About: Bel Patra Tree of Chitra Nakshatra Plant, scientifically known as Aegle marmelos, holds a special place in Hindu mythology and astrology. Believed to be associated with Chitra Nakshatra and Virgo (Kanya Rashi), this sacred tree is often planted near temples and homes for its religious importance. At Vermi Organics, we bring you Bel Patra nurtured with care, embracing the spiritual heritage and botanical wonders it embodies.

Benefits: Beyond its religious significance, Bel Patra Tree of Chitra Nakshatra Plant offers a range of benefits to enrich your garden and overall well-being. The tree is known for its air-purifying qualities, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. Additionally, the fragrant blossoms and vibrant green leaves add to the visual appeal, creating a serene atmosphere. Embrace Bel Patra not only for its spiritual connotations but also for the positive impact it brings to your living space.

Type of Plant (Indoor or Outdoor): Bel Patra thrives in outdoor settings, basking in the natural sunlight and well-drained soil. Its substantial size and robust nature make it more suitable for gardens, temple premises, or outdoor landscapes. While it may be challenging to grow Bel Patra indoors due to its size, the blessings of this sacred tree are best experienced when it flourishes under the open sky.

Care: Caring for Bel Patra involves providing the right conditions to honor its sacred essence. Plant it in well-draining soil and ensure it receives ample sunlight. Regular watering is essential, particularly during dry spells, to support healthy growth. Pruning can help shape the tree and remove any dead or damaged branches. Nourish the soil with organic matter, and you'll witness the sacred tree thriving under your care.

Common Names: Bel Patra is known by various common names that reflect its cultural and spiritual importance. In Hindu traditions, it is often called 'Bilva' or 'Bael,' while the tree is also referred to as 'Stone Apple' due to its hard, woody fruits. Embrace the diverse common names that echo the reverence and sacredness associated with this celestial tree.

Specifications: Explore the specifications of Vermi Organics' Bel Patra Tree of Chitra Nakshatra Plant to understand its unique characteristics and requirements. From the average height of the tree to the preferred soil type and climate conditions, our detailed specifications guide you in creating an environment where Bel Patra Tree of Chitra Nakshatra Plant can thrive and fulfill its spiritual and botanical potential.

Special Features: Bel Patra Tree of Chitra Nakshatra Plant is distinguished by its special features that make it stand out in the botanical realm. The trifoliate leaves, often associated with the Trimurti in Hinduism, add to its symbolic significance. The aromatic flowers and woody fruits contribute to the tree's allure, making it a unique and revered presence in gardens and religious spaces. The sacred aura surrounding Bel Patra is indeed one of its most special features.

Uses: The uses of Bel Patra Tree of Chitra Nakshatra Plant extend beyond its ornamental value. The leaves, fruits, and bark of the tree hold medicinal properties and are used in traditional Ayurvedic practices. Additionally, Bel Patra is integral to various religious rituals and offerings. Planting it near homes or temples is believed to bring positive energy and spiritual blessings. Embrace Bel Patra for its multifaceted uses, from contributing to holistic health practices to enriching the spiritual ambiance of your surroundings.

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Customer Reviews

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Perin Nair
Feedback. Very good experience.

Actually, I do not know much about Astrology and Nakshatras etc. That subject is too vast and complicated. As we have a garden orchard and we always had many fruit trees (mango, jackfruit, coconut, guava, jamun etc), I wanted to have bel juice during hot summer. So I searched the Internet and found Vermi Organics website to purchase bel tree sapling so we can have bel fruit also here in future.
I am very satisfied with the service by Vermi Organics (professional online order booking, excellent packing and prompt home delivery) and now looking after the bel plant sapling these days.