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Citrus Medica - Plant

Citrus Medica - Plant

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Embark on a citrusy journey with Vermi Organics' Citrus Medica Plant a botanical treasure that brings the essence of Mediterranean charm to your garden. Commonly known as the Citron tree, this unique citrus variety is celebrated for its distinctive, oversized fruits and aromatic blossoms. Let the Citrus medica be the centerpiece of your green sanctuary, offering both ornamental beauty and the potential for culinary delights.

About: Citrus Medica Plant, or the Citron tree, is a captivating member of the citrus family that traces its roots to the Mediterranean region. Characterized by large, lemon-like fruits and fragrant flowers, this evergreen tree has become a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Vermi Organics proudly presents a carefully nurtured Citrus medica, allowing enthusiasts to cultivate a piece of Mediterranean allure in their own gardens.

Benefits: Beyond its ornamental appeal, the Citrus Medica Plant offers a host of benefits. The fruits are not only visually striking but also contain essential oils that are valued for their aromatic qualities. Additionally, the Citron tree is associated with cultural and historical significance, making it a meaningful addition to your green space.

Type of Plant: Citrus medica is ideally suited for outdoor cultivation in regions with a warm and subtropical climate. It thrives in well-draining soil and requires ample sunlight to produce its signature fruits. While primarily an outdoor plant, it can be grown in large containers and brought indoors during colder seasons, provided it receives sufficient light.

Care: Providing optimal care for your Citrus medica involves several key considerations. Plant it in well-draining soil enriched with organic matter, and ensure it receives at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily. Regular watering is essential, with the soil kept consistently moist but not waterlogged. Pruning can be done to shape the tree and encourage air circulation. Additionally, fertilize during the growing season to support healthy growth and fruit development.

Common Names: Citrus medica is known by various common names that reflect its cultural and geographical diversity. Some of these names include Citron tree, Buddha's Hand, Etrog, and Cedro.


  • Botanical Name: Citrus medica
  • Common Names: Citron tree, Buddha's Hand, Etrog, Cedro
  • Type: Evergreen tree
  • Height: Up to 15-20 feet (height may vary based on growing conditions)
  • Foliage: Dark green, glossy leaves
  • Flowers: Fragrant white blossoms
  • Fruits: Large, lemon-like citrons
  • Preferred Soil: Well-draining, enriched with organic matter
  • Sunlight: Full sunlight

Special Features: The Citrus medica is distinguished by its oversized fruits, which are larger than those of typical lemon or lime trees. The fragrant white blossoms further enhance its ornamental appeal, creating a sensory experience in your garden. The Citron tree's historical and cultural significance, coupled with its unique appearance, makes it a standout feature in any landscape.


  1. Ornamental Gardening: Citrus medica is often cultivated for its ornamental value, adding a touch of elegance to gardens and landscapes. The large, lemon-like fruits and fragrant blossoms make it a visually striking and aromatic addition to outdoor spaces.

  2. Culinary Uses: While the flavor of the Citron fruit is less commonly used in culinary applications compared to other citrus varieties, the zest and peel can be employed in cooking and baking. The aromatic qualities of the fruit add a unique twist to various dishes and beverages.

  3. Cultural and Religious Significance: The Citrus medica, particularly the Etrog variety, holds cultural and religious importance in certain traditions. It is used ceremonially in rituals and celebrations, symbolizing fertility, abundance, and the harvest.

  4. Essential Oils: The essential oils extracted from the Citrus medica's peel are valued for their aromatic properties. These oils are used in perfumery, aromatherapy, and the production of scented products.

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