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Vermi Organics

Clay Aggregate LECA Balls 1 Kg

Clay Aggregate LECA Balls 1 Kg

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Elevate your gardening game with Vermi Organics Clay Aggregate LECA Balls 1 Kg. Harvested from the richest natural clay sources, these LECA balls represent the pinnacle of horticultural innovation. Every 1 Kg pack is a testament to our commitment to quality, ensuring you receive a product that is not only superior in performance but also eco-friendly and sustainable.


Vermi Organics is a brand synonymous with nature's best. We have always strived to bring our consumers closer to nature, ensuring the utmost plant health and growth. Our Clay Aggregate LECA Balls are a product of rigorous research and trials, ensuring they deliver optimal performance every single time. Lightweight, yet robust, they serve as the perfect partner for your beloved plants, guaranteeing they thrive in the best possible environment.


  • Enhanced Aeration: The unique structure of our Clay Aggregate LECA Balls 1 Kg guarantees exceptional airflow, ensuring your plant roots breathe freely and grow stronger.
  • Superior Drainage: Overwatering woes? Not anymore! Our LECA balls ensure rapid water drainage, preventing root rot.
  • Moisture Regulation: Clay Aggregate LECA Balls 1 Kg retain and release moisture optimally, ensuring your plants always receive the right amount of hydration.
  • pH Neutral: No more worrying about altering the soil's pH. Our LECA balls maintain a neutral pH, making them suitable for various plants.
  • Longevity: Durable and robust, these clay balls are designed to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Eco-friendly: Harvested sustainably and made with love for Mother Earth, using our LECA balls means you're taking a step towards a greener planet.


To get the best out of Vermi Organics LECA Balls:

  1. Rinse Before Use: Wash off any residual dust before using them.
  2. Regular Flushing: Periodically flush with clean water to prevent salt buildup.
  3. Check Water Levels: Especially for hydroponic setups, ensure the water doesn't surpass a third of the pot height.

Common Names

LECA Balls are popularly known by several names such as Hydroton, Clay Pebbles, and Clay Aggregate Balls. Whichever name you come across, remember that Vermi Organics ensures a consistent quality standard.


  • Material: Natural Clay
  • Weight: 1 Kg
  • Shape: Irregular, rounded
  • Size: Varies, optimized for horticultural use
  • Color: Natural clay hue

Special Features

  • Reusable: With proper care, our LECA balls can be reused multiple times.
  • Reduced Pest Risk: Our clay balls offer a reduced risk of soil-borne pests and diseases.
  • Thermal Insulation: Our LECA balls provide a buffering effect, protecting roots from sudden temperature changes.
  • pH Buffering: Not just neutral, but these clay balls also help buffer pH levels, ensuring stability for your plants.


  • Hydroponics: Perfect for soil-less growth setups.
  • Potting Mix: Introduce them to your potting mix to enhance aeration and drainage.
  • Terrariums: Their aesthetic appeal makes them a prime choice for terrariums.
  • Orchid Growth: Many orchid enthusiasts swear by LECA balls for optimal growth.
  • Decorative Purposes: Beyond function, they add a natural touch to potted plants.

In conclusion, Vermi Organics Clay Aggregate LECA Balls are more than just a growing medium; they are a promise of quality, sustainability, and superior plant health. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, make the switch today and see the difference for yourself. 

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