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Conocarpus Erectus Variety Sericeus - Plant

Conocarpus Erectus Variety Sericeus - Plant

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Introducing the Conocarpus Erectus Variety Sericeus Plant, a botanical marvel available at Vermi Organics. Also known as the Silver Buttonwood, this particular variety captivates with its silvery foliage, creating an ethereal, almost otherworldly presence. Native to coastal regions, the Conocarpus erectus variety sericeus offers a unique blend of ornamental beauty and resilience, making it a stellar choice for gardens that seek both elegance and adaptability.


Conocarpus Erectus Variety Sericeus Plant, commonly referred to as the Silver Buttonwood, is a cultivar of the Conocarpus erectus species. It belongs to the Combretaceae family and is characterized by its distinctive silver-gray leaves and upright growth habit. Native to coastal areas, this variety showcases an adaptability to sandy soils and salt-laden breezes, making it a standout choice for gardens near the sea.


The Conocarpus Erectus Variety Sericeus Plant presents a range of benefits that contribute to its popularity in landscaping:

  • Salt Tolerance: Excelling in coastal environments, this variety displays a remarkable tolerance to salt spray, making it an excellent option for gardens near the ocean.

  • Ornamental Foliage: The silver-gray leaves of Conocarpus erectus variety sericeus add an ornamental touch, creating a visually striking contrast in gardens and landscapes.

  • Adaptability: Thriving in sandy soils, this variety is well-suited for coastal landscapes but is also versatile enough to adapt to a range of soil types.

Type of Plant (Indoor or Outdoor):

Conocarpus erectus variety sericeus is exclusively an outdoor plant, thriving in the full embrace of sunlight. Its natural habitat near the coast has endowed it with the ability to withstand salt spray and harsh winds, making it less suitable for indoor cultivation. This variety truly comes to life when planted in outdoor settings, where its unique characteristics can be fully appreciated.


Caring for the Silver Buttonwood involves a few key considerations to ensure its health and vitality:

  • Sunlight: Plant Conocarpus erectus variety sericeus in a location that receives full sunlight. It is accustomed to bright, sunny conditions and benefits from at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight daily.

  • Watering: While it is moderately drought-tolerant once established, regular watering during the initial stages of growth is crucial. Afterward, it can endure dry periods, but a consistent watering schedule is advisable.

  • Pruning: Light pruning can be performed to shape the plant or remove dead or wayward branches. However, the Silver Buttonwood typically maintains an attractive form without extensive intervention.

  • Soil: Well-draining soil is essential for the health of this variety. It can tolerate a variety of soil types, including sandy and alkaline soils.

Common Names:

Conocarpus erectus variety sericeus is commonly known as the Silver Buttonwood, a name derived from the striking silver-gray coloration of its leaves. In some regions, it may also be referred to as the Silver-Leaf Buttonwood.


  • Height: The Silver Buttonwood can reach heights ranging from 10 to 25 feet, creating an elegant and upright silhouette.

  • Leaves: The leaves of Conocarpus erectus variety sericeus are silver-gray and lance-shaped, contributing to the plant's ornamental appeal.

  • Flowers: Inconspicuous flowers may appear in small clusters, followed by the formation of button-like seed structures, a characteristic feature of the Conocarpus genus.

  • Bark: The bark is typically smooth and silver-gray, complementing the overall color palette of the plant.

Special Features:

The Silver Buttonwood exhibits special features that set it apart in the world of landscaping:

  • Silver Foliage: The most distinctive feature of this variety is its silver-gray foliage, which imparts a subtle shimmer to the landscape, especially when caught in the sunlight.

  • Salt Tolerance: Its exceptional ability to tolerate salt spray makes the Silver Buttonwood an invaluable addition to gardens near coastal areas.

  • Adaptability: Thriving in sandy soils, this variety showcases adaptability to various environmental conditions, adding to its resilience.


  • Coastal Landscapes: The Silver Buttonwood is an excellent choice for coastal landscapes, where its salt tolerance and striking foliage enhance the overall aesthetic.

  • Ornamental Gardens: Plant as a standalone specimen or as part of an ornamental garden to introduce a touch of elegance and unique coloration.

  • Windbreaks: Due to its adaptability to windy conditions, this variety can serve as an effective windbreak in open landscapes.

  • Container Gardening: While its preference is for open landscapes, Conocarpus erectus variety sericeus can be grown in large containers, allowing for mobility and versatility in design.

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