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Datura, Dhatura - Plant

Datura, Dhatura - Plant

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Vermi Organics proudly presents the Datura, also known as Dhatura, a captivating and versatile plant that adds a touch of enchantment to any garden. With its striking blooms and rich cultural history, the Datura is more than just a plant – it's a conversation starter and a botanical marvel. Explore the allure of this unique specimen as we delve into its characteristics, benefits, care tips, and various applications.


Originating from the nightshade family, the Datura plant boasts an intriguing history deeply rooted in diverse cultures. Revered for its stunning trumpet-shaped flowers and distinct fragrance, Datura has earned a place in gardens around the world. Vermi Organics brings you a curated selection of these enchanting plants, carefully nurtured to thrive in various environments.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Datura plant is renowned for its medicinal properties. Traditionally, it has been used in herbal remedies for its potential to alleviate respiratory issues and provide relief from certain skin conditions. However, it's crucial to note that Datura contains alkaloids with potent effects, and its medicinal use should be approached with caution and under professional guidance.

Type of Plant:

The Datura plant is a versatile species that can adapt to both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you have a spacious garden or prefer cultivating plants in pots on your balcony, Datura can flourish with the right care. Its adaptability makes it an excellent choice for gardeners with varied preferences and space constraints.


Caring for your Datura plant involves understanding its specific needs. This species thrives in well-drained soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH. Adequate sunlight is crucial, so choose a location that receives at least six hours of sunlight daily. Regular watering is essential, but take care not to oversaturate the soil. Pruning spent flowers can encourage continuous blooming and maintain the plant's overall health.

Common Names:

Datura goes by various common names, reflecting its widespread presence and diverse cultural significance. Depending on the region, you might hear it referred to as Jimsonweed, Devil's Trumpet, Moonflower, or Thorn Apple. Embracing these names highlights the plant's rich history and the different roles it plays in various societies.


  • Height: The Datura plant can reach impressive heights, ranging from 3 to 5 feet, creating a captivating focal point in your garden.

  • Blooms: Datura is renowned for its large, trumpet-shaped flowers that can span up to 6 inches in diameter. The blooms come in an array of colors, including white, cream, and lavender, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

  • Foliage: The plant's dark green, lush foliage provides a striking backdrop to its show-stopping flowers, creating a visually appealing contrast.

Special Features:

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Datura plant is its nocturnal blooming habit. As evening falls, the flowers unfurl, releasing a sweet, intoxicating fragrance that attracts nighttime pollinators like moths. This unique feature adds a touch of mystery and allure to your garden, transforming it into a sensory haven.


  • Ornamental Value: Datura's captivating blooms make it a popular choice for ornamental gardens, where its aesthetic appeal takes center stage. Plant it as a standalone specimen or incorporate it into mixed flower beds for a visually stunning display.

  • Medicinal Purposes: While caution is advised due to its toxic nature, certain cultures have historically used Datura for medicinal purposes. It is crucial to consult with healthcare professionals before attempting any medicinal applications.

  • Cultural Significance: In various cultures, Datura holds symbolic significance. Its association with rituals, ceremonies, and traditional practices adds cultural depth to your garden, making it more than just a collection of plants but a reflection of history and tradition.

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