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Diervilla Rivularis, Kodiak ( Green ) - Plant

Diervilla Rivularis, Kodiak ( Green ) - Plant

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Enter the world of natural elegance with Diervilla Kodiak (Green) Plant, a verdant masterpiece offered by Vermi Organics. Characterized by its lush green foliage, this deciduous shrub is a symbol of vitality and resilience. Immerse yourself in the allure of Kodiak (Green), exploring its unique features that make it a versatile and captivating addition to outdoor landscapes.


Diervilla Kodiak (Green) Plant, commonly known as Kodiak Green Bush Honeysuckle, is a deciduous shrub native to North America. Renowned for its vibrant green foliage, this cultivar is a testament to the beauty found in simplicity. The name Kodiak reflects its hardy nature and adaptability.


Discover the array of benefits that Diervilla Kodiak (Green) Plant brings to outdoor spaces:

  1. Lush Green Foliage: Kodiak (Green) boasts luxuriant green foliage, creating a soothing and refreshing atmosphere in gardens and landscapes.

  2. Low Maintenance: This resilient shrub requires minimal care, making it an excellent choice for both seasoned gardeners and those new to gardening.

  3. Wildlife Habitat: Kodiak (Green) provides shelter and nectar for pollinators, contributing to the overall biodiversity of the garden.

Type of Plant:

Diervilla Rivularis Kodiak (Green) is an outdoor plant, thriving in garden beds, borders, and landscape settings. Its adaptability to various soil types and resistance to pests and diseases make it an excellent choice for outdoor environments.


Ensure optimal care for Diervilla Rivularis Kodiak (Green) with these guidelines:

  • Sunlight: Plant Kodiak (Green) in full sun to partial shade. It adapts well to different light conditions, promoting healthy growth.

  • Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during dry spells. However, avoid waterlogged conditions, as Kodiak (Green) prefers well-draining soil.

  • Pruning: Prune in late winter or early spring to maintain shape and encourage vigorous growth. Remove dead or damaged branches as needed.

  • Soil: This shrub is adaptable to various soil types but thrives in well-draining, slightly acidic to neutral soil.

Common Names:

Diervilla Rivularis Kodiak (Green) is commonly known as Kodiak Green Bush Honeysuckle, emphasizing its vibrant green foliage and its connection to the honeysuckle family.


Explore the distinctive features that define Diervilla Rivularis Kodiak (Green):

  • Height: Kodiak (Green) typically reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet, forming a compact yet impactful presence in the garden.

  • Foliage: The leaves are the highlight, showcasing a rich green hue that persists throughout the growing season.

  • Flowers: In late spring to early summer, Kodiak (Green) produces clusters of small yellow flowers, attracting pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Special Features:

Diervilla Rivularis Kodiak (Green) boasts special features that enhance its appeal in outdoor landscapes:

  • Rich Green Foliage: The vibrant green leaves add a touch of serenity to the garden, providing a classic and timeless aesthetic.

  • Adaptability: Kodiak (Green) is highly adaptable to various growing conditions, making it a versatile choice for different garden settings.


Explore the versatile uses of Diervilla Rivularis Kodiak (Green) in outdoor landscapes:

  • Privacy Screening: Plant Kodiak (Green) in a row to create an attractive and natural privacy screen in garden beds or along property borders.

  • Mixed Borders: Combine Kodiak (Green) with other flowering plants and shrubs to create visually appealing and dynamic mixed borders.

  • Erosion Control: The dense growth habit of Kodiak (Green) makes it suitable for controlling erosion on slopes or in areas prone to soil runoff.

  • Wildlife Gardens: Include Kodiak (Green) in wildlife-friendly gardens to attract pollinators and create a harmonious ecosystem.

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