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Enicostemma Axillare - Plant

Enicostemma Axillare - Plant

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Discover the botanical treasure of Enicostemma axillare, a plant that embodies nature's therapeutic wonders. Vermi Organics proudly presents this herbal gem, also known as "Nagajihva." With its slender stems, delicate leaves, and petite white flowers, Enicostemma axillare is more than a botanical beauty—it's a wellness powerhouse that belongs in every garden.

About: Enicostemma axillare, commonly referred to as Nagajihva, is a perennial herb deeply rooted in traditional herbal medicine. Originating from the Indian subcontinent, this plant has a rich history of medicinal use. Vermi Organics brings you a cultivated version of this herbal marvel, designed to thrive in your garden. Each Enicostemma axillare is a testament to the synergy of nature and wellness.

Benefits: The therapeutic benefits of Enicostemma axillare are as diverse as the plant itself. Known for its antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, this herbal gem has been traditionally used to support overall health. It is believed to aid in managing diabetes, promoting digestion, and boosting immunity. Including Enicostemma axillare in your garden is not just a visual delight but a step toward natural wellness.

Type of Plant: Enicostemma axillare is an outdoor plant that thrives in a garden setting. Its preference for well-drained soil and exposure to sunlight makes it an ideal addition to your outdoor green space.

Care: Caring for Enicostemma axillare is straightforward, making it suitable for both experienced gardeners and beginners. Ensure it receives ample sunlight, at least 4 to 6 hours a day, to support its growth and medicinal potency. Well-drained soil is essential, and occasional watering is sufficient, as the plant is relatively drought-tolerant. Pruning can help maintain its shape and encourage new growth.

Common Names: Enicostemma axillare is known by various common names across different regions. In addition to Nagajihva, it may be referred to as Indian Nettle, Costus Igneus, and Nilakantha.


  • Height: Enicostemma axillare typically reaches a height of 1 to 2 feet, forming a compact and bushy appearance.
  • Flower Color: The petite white flowers of Enicostemma axillare add a delicate charm to the plant, creating a subtle contrast against the green foliage.
  • Medicinal Components: The leaves of Enicostemma axillare are rich in compounds such as swertiamarin and amylase inhibitors, contributing to its medicinal properties.

Special Features: What sets Enicostemma axillare apart is its dual role as both an ornamental and medicinal plant. The slender stems and delicate white flowers lend a graceful aesthetic to your garden, while the plant's medicinal components make it a valuable addition to any herbal garden. Its adaptability and resilience make it a low-maintenance yet high-rewarding choice for gardeners.

Uses: Explore the versatile uses of Enicostemma axillare in enhancing various aspects of your garden and well-being:

  • Herbal Garden Accent: Plant Enicostemma axillare as an herbal garden accent, combining beauty with the therapeutic benefits of traditional medicine.
  • Natural Wellness Support: Incorporate Enicostemma axillare into your garden to have a readily available source of leaves for traditional medicinal uses, particularly for managing diabetes and digestive issues.
  • Biodiversity Promotion: Enicostemma axillare attracts pollinators, contributing to the biodiversity of your garden and promoting a healthier ecosystem.
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