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Galium odoratum - Plant

Galium odoratum - Plant

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Embark on a journey of botanical bliss with Vermi Organics' offering of Galium odoratum Plant, commonly known as Sweet Woodruff. This delicate perennial herb, adorned with clusters of dainty, star-shaped white flowers, is a vision of natural elegance. Explore the enchanting qualities of Sweet Woodruff, a plant that not only graces your garden but also holds a place in herbal traditions.


Originating from Europe, Galium odoratum Plant has become a beloved herb known for its aromatic foliage and historical significance. Vermi Organics celebrates the rich botanical tapestry by making this exquisite plant accessible to enthusiasts. Sweet Woodruff has a storied past, often associated with folklore and traditional uses that span centuries.


Beyond its ornamental charm, Galium odoratum Plant offers a range of benefits. In herbal medicine, it has been traditionally used for its mild sedative properties, making it a popular choice for teas and infusions that promote relaxation. Additionally, the plant is known to attract beneficial insects, contributing to a thriving and balanced garden ecosystem.

Type of Plant (Indoor or Outdoor):

Sweet Woodruff is primarily an outdoor plant, thriving in shaded areas where it can receive filtered sunlight. Its preference for cooler temperatures and moist, well-drained soil makes it an ideal addition to woodland gardens, shady borders, or as a ground cover. While it can be grown in containers, allowing it to grace your outdoor space allows Sweet Woodruff to reach its full potential.


Caring for Sweet Woodruff is a joy for any gardener. Plant it in a location with dappled shade, and ensure the soil remains consistently moist. Regular watering, especially during dry periods, helps maintain its lush foliage. Pruning after flowering not only promotes a neat appearance but also encourages new growth. Sweet Woodruff's low-maintenance nature makes it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

Common Names:

Sweet Woodruff goes by a variety of endearing names, including Our Lady's Lace, Master of the Woods, and Waldmeister in German. These names reflect the plant's versatility and the affection it has garnered across different cultures.


  • Height: 6 to 12 inches
  • Spread: 12 to 18 inches
  • Foliage: Whorled, lance-shaped leaves arranged in star-like clusters
  • Flowers: Small, fragrant, white flowers in loose clusters
  • Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer
  • Growth Habit: Spreading, ground-covering

Special Features:

The special allure of Sweet Woodruff lies in its fragrant foliage. When crushed or dried, the leaves release a sweet, hay-like scent, adding an olfactory dimension to your garden. This aromatic quality has made Sweet Woodruff a popular choice for strewing in homes and churches, historically used to impart a pleasant fragrance to living spaces.


Sweet Woodruff finds its place in various domains, making it a versatile addition to your garden. Beyond its ornamental value, the herb has culinary applications, often used to flavor beverages and desserts. In herbal medicine, Sweet Woodruff is employed for its potential calming effects, making it a cherished ingredient in teas and infusions. Cultivate it to create charming ground covers, enhance shaded areas, and attract beneficial insects to your garden.

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