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Jacquinia armilaris - Plant

Jacquinia armilaris - Plant

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Explore the delicate charm of Vermi Organics' Jacquinia armilaris Plant – a botanical masterpiece that graces your garden with elegance and subtlety. Adorned with petite white blossoms and glossy green foliage, this plant captivates with its understated beauty. Immerse yourself in the allure of Jacquinia armilaris, where each delicate bloom tells a story of nature's grace and sophistication.

About: Jacquinia armilaris Plant, commonly known as Jacquinia, belongs to the Theophrastaceae family and is native to the Caribbean and parts of South Florida. Recognized for its dainty flowers and compact form, Jacquinia armilaris is a symbol of understated beauty in the world of ornamental plants. Vermi Organics proudly offers this botanical treasure, allowing you to cultivate a garden that exudes simplicity and grace.

Benefits: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Jacquinia armilaris Plant provides several benefits for your garden and well-being. The petite white blossoms attract pollinators, contributing to the biodiversity of your outdoor space. The plant's resilience and low-maintenance nature make it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners. Cultivating Jacquinia armilaris also adds a touch of tranquility and natural beauty to your surroundings.

Type of Plant: Jacquinia armilaris is an outdoor plant, thriving in tropical and subtropical climates. It is well-suited for gardens, borders, or as an accent plant in landscaping designs. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for smaller garden spaces or as part of mixed plantings. While primarily an outdoor plant, it can be cultivated in containers on patios or balconies in regions where the climate is suitable.

Care: Caring for Jacquinia armilaris involves providing the right conditions to ensure its health and the vibrancy of its blossoms. Plant it in well-draining soil enriched with organic matter, and place it in a location with partial to full sunlight. Water consistently, allowing the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Prune as needed to maintain its compact form and remove any dead or overgrown branches. Fertilize during the growing season to support the plant's vitality.

Common Names: Jacquinia armilaris is known by various common names, reflecting its presence in different regions. Common names include simply Jacquinia and sometimes the "Florida Clustervine."


  • Height: 3 to 5 feet
  • Spread: 2 to 4 feet
  • Light: Partial to full sunlight
  • Soil: Well-draining, enriched with organic matter
  • Water: Consistent moisture, allowing slight drying between waterings
  • Bloom Time: Spring to fall
  • Flower Color: White
  • Foliage: Glossy green

Special Features: The special features of Jacquinia armilaris lie in its simplicity and adaptability. The petite white blossoms, arranged in clusters, create a visually pleasing display against the glossy green foliage. Its compact size allows for versatile use in garden designs, from borders to container gardens. The resilience of Jacquinia armilaris to varying soil conditions adds to its charm, making it a reliable choice for gardeners seeking a low-maintenance yet elegant addition to their outdoor spaces.

Uses: Jacquinia armilaris finds a variety of uses in garden settings. Plant it in garden beds or borders for a subtle and graceful display of white blossoms. Its compact form makes it suitable for smaller garden spaces or as an accent plant in mixed plantings. Jacquinia armilaris can also be potted in containers, allowing you to enjoy its beauty on patios, balconies, or even as an indoor plant in regions where the climate is less favorable. Whether used as a standalone feature or as part of a broader garden design, Jacquinia armilaris adds a touch of natural sophistication to any setting.

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