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Kalanchoe beharensis roseleaf - Succulent Plant

Kalanchoe beharensis roseleaf - Succulent Plant

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Discover the enchanting Kalanchoe beharensis Succulent Plant, a succulent masterpiece offered by Vermi Organics. Adorned with velvety leaves in a delicate shade of rose, this variety stands out as a symbol of natural elegance and botanical sophistication. Elevate your living spaces with the captivating beauty of the Roseleaf, a succulent that effortlessly combines subtlety and charm.

About: Kalanchoe beharensis Succulent Plant, commonly known as Roseleaf, is a distinctive member of the Crassulaceae family, originating from Madagascar. Renowned for its unique foliage, the Roseleaf variety boasts velvety leaves in a gentle rose hue, creating a visual delight for plant enthusiasts. Adaptable and resilient, the Roseleaf succulent has become a sought-after choice for those seeking a touch of sophistication in their indoor or outdoor gardens.


  1. Subtle Elegance: The Kalanchoe beharensis Succulent Plant variety brings a touch of refined beauty with its delicate rose-colored leaves, adding a sense of sophistication to any space.
  2. Low Maintenance: Like many succulents, the Roseleaf is low-maintenance, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced plant enthusiasts.
  3. Air-Purifying Qualities: Contributing to indoor air purification, this succulent enhances the overall air quality while serving as a visually pleasing decorative element.
  4. Versatile Decoration: Whether placed indoors as a potted plant or outdoors in garden beds, the Roseleaf adapts effortlessly, becoming a versatile and graceful element in your decor.

Type of Plant: The Roseleaf variety of Kalanchoe beharensis is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. As a potted plant, it adds a touch of elegance to windowsills and tabletops, showcasing its unique foliage. Outdoors, it becomes a focal point in garden beds, enhancing the landscape with its subtle rose-colored leaves. This adaptable succulent prefers well-draining soil and moderate sunlight.


  1. Light: Provide bright, indirect light for indoor Roseleaf. Outdoors, it thrives in partial sunlight.
  2. Watering: Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, preventing overwatering and ensuring the roots remain healthy.
  3. Soil: Well-draining soil, such as a cactus or succulent mix, is ideal for potted Roseleaf.
  4. Temperature: Maintain moderate temperatures, protecting the plant from frost, as it is sensitive to extreme cold.
  5. Fertilization: During the growing season, use a balanced, diluted fertilizer to support healthy growth and appearance.

Common Names: The Roseleaf variety of Kalanchoe beharensis is known by various common names, including:

  • Velvet Roseleaf
  • Blushing Kalanchoe
  • Subtle Pink Kalanchoe


  • Height: The Roseleaf typically grows to a height of 12 to 18 inches, forming a compact and visually appealing cluster of rose-colored leaves.
  • Leaves: The defining feature of the Roseleaf is its velvety, rose-colored leaves, providing a lush and elegant backdrop.

Special Features:

  1. Velvety Rose-Colored Leaves: The Roseleaf stands out with its unique foliage, featuring velvety leaves in a delicate shade of rose, adding a touch of sophistication to your plant collection.
  2. Compact Growth: Enjoy the compact and visually appealing growth habit of the Roseleaf, making it suitable for various indoor and outdoor settings.


  1. Indoor Sophistication: Perfect for indoor spaces, the Roseleaf serves as a refined and elegant addition to windowsills, shelves, and tabletops.
  2. Outdoor Accent: Outdoors, plant this variety in garden beds to create a subtle and sophisticated display, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your landscape.
  3. Gifts and Celebrations: The Roseleaf makes a thoughtful and visually pleasing gift for various occasions, from birthdays to expressions of appreciation and love.
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