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Khaya Senegalensis - Plant

Khaya Senegalensis - Plant

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Enter the realm of verdant beauty with Vermi Organics' offering of Khaya Senegalensis Plant, a tree that beckons with its majestic stature and ecological significance. Scientifically known as Khaya Senegalensis, this hardwood species is native to West Africa and is celebrated for its timber, ornamental presence, and various traditional applications. Explore the grandeur of Khaya Senegalensis, a botanical marvel that graces landscapes with its towering elegance.


Khaya Senegalensis Plant, a member of the Meliaceae family, stands as a testament to the natural wealth found in West Africa. Commonly known as African Mahogany or Senegal Mahogany, this tree has become synonymous with sustainable forestry and traditional practices in the region. With a towering stature and a crown of feathery foliage, Khaya Senegalensis embodies the resilience and grace of West Africa's native flora.


Cultivating Khaya Senegalensis brings forth a multitude of benefits, ranging from its timber quality to its role in traditional medicine:

  • High-Quality Timber: Khaya Senegalensis Plant is esteemed for its hardwood, known for its durability, resistance to decay, and attractive grain patterns. It is a preferred choice for furniture, flooring, and cabinetry.

  • Traditional Medicine: Various parts of the tree, including the bark and leaves, have been used in traditional medicine for their potential health benefits, reflecting the deep connection between nature and human well-being.

  • Biodiversity Support: Khaya Senegalensis contributes to biodiversity by providing habitat and sustenance for various flora and fauna in its native ecosystems.

Type of Plant (Indoor or Outdoor):

Khaya Senegalensis is ideally suited for outdoor cultivation, thriving in its natural habitat and requiring space to reach its full height and canopy spread. Plant it in gardens, parks, or agroforestry settings to witness the grandeur of this majestic tree.


Nurturing Khaya Senegalensis involves providing the right conditions for its growth and development:

  • Sunlight: This tree thrives in full sunlight. Ensure it is planted in a location that receives direct sunlight for the majority of the day.

  • Soil: Khaya Senegalensis prefers well-draining soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH. It is adaptable to a range of soil types, including sandy, loamy, and clayey soils.

  • Watering: While the tree is relatively drought-tolerant once established, regular watering is essential during the initial stages of growth. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

  • Pruning: Minimal pruning is typically required. Remove any dead or diseased branches to maintain the tree's health and shape.

  • Protection from Frost: Protect young Khaya Senegalensis plants from frost, as they may be sensitive to cold temperatures. Once established, the tree becomes more resilient.

By following these care guidelines, you can cultivate a flourishing Khaya Senegalensis tree that not only enhances your outdoor landscape but also contributes to sustainable practices.

Common Names:

Khaya Senegalensis goes by various common names, reflecting its widespread presence and cultural significance. Some common names include African Mahogany, Senegal Mahogany, and Dry Zone Mahogany.


Understanding the key specifications of Khaya Senegalensis allows for a deeper appreciation of its distinctive features:

  • Height: Khaya Senegalensis can reach towering heights, often exceeding 30 meters, with a crown that forms a broad and dense canopy.

  • Leaves: The leaves are compound, arranged in a pinnate fashion, and offer a feathery appearance. They provide a lush backdrop to the tree's imposing stature.

  • Flowers: Khaya Senegalensis produces small, inconspicuous flowers that develop into distinctive capsules containing winged seeds.

  • Wood Characteristics: The heartwood of Khaya Senegalensis is prized for its reddish-brown to deep red color, making it highly desirable for a range of timber applications.

These specifications highlight the impressive qualities that define Khaya Senegalensis.

Special Features:

Khaya Senegalensis boasts special features that elevate it beyond a simple timber tree, making it a valuable asset in ecological and cultural contexts:

  • Sustainable Timber Resource: The hardwood produced by Khaya Senegalensis is a sustainable and valuable resource for the timber industry, supporting responsible forestry practices.

  • Traditional Medicine: Various parts of the tree, including the bark and leaves, have been traditionally used for their potential health benefits, contributing to the cultural significance of the species.

  • Ecological Role: Khaya Senegalensis plays a crucial role in supporting biodiversity by providing habitat, food, and shelter for various organisms in its native ecosystems.

These special features underscore the diverse contributions of Khaya Senegalensis to both human communities and natural ecosystems.


Khaya Senegalensis serves a myriad of purposes, making it a tree of immense cultural, ecological, and economic importance:

  • Timber Production: The heartwood of Khaya Senegalensis is highly sought after for its quality, making it a preferred choice for furniture, flooring, joinery, and musical instruments.

  • Traditional Medicine: Various parts of the tree, including the bark and leaves, are utilized in traditional medicine for their potential therapeutic properties.

  • Ecological Support: Khaya Senegalensis contributes to the health of ecosystems by providing habitat for birds and insects, adding to the overall biodiversity of its native regions.

  • Aesthetic Landscaping: Plant Khaya Senegalensis in gardens and parks to enhance the visual appeal of outdoor spaces with its towering stature and lush foliage.

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