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Madhumalti Dwarf, Rangoon Creeper - Plant

Madhumalti Dwarf, Rangoon Creeper - Plant

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Vermi Organics presents the Madhumalti Dwarf, Rangoon Creeper Plant, an enchanting flowering vine celebrated for its mesmerizing blooms and aromatic fragrance. With its exquisite beauty and compact size, this variety of Rangoon Creeper is a delightful addition to any garden, exuding a profusion of colors and alluring scents.


The Madhumalti Dwarf, Rangoon Creeper Plant, scientifically known as Quisqualis indica, is a compact version of the traditional Rangoon Creeper. Originating from Southeast Asia, this vine is cherished for its vibrant flowers and versatile growing habits.


Beyond its ornamental appeal, the Madhumalti Dwarf, Rangoon Creeper Plant offers multifaceted benefits. Its colorful blossoms attract pollinators, contributing to the garden's biodiversity. Additionally, its sweet fragrance serves as a natural aromatherapy element, adding a touch of tranquility to outdoor spaces.

Type of Plant (Outdoor)

Primarily an outdoor plant, the Madhumalti Dwarf flourishes in warm climates, requiring ample sunlight and well-draining soil. While it thrives outdoors, it can also be cultivated in containers for compact gardening solutions.


This vine requires moderate watering and regular pruning to maintain its desired shape and encourage prolific flowering. Provide structural support for the vine to climb and trail, enhancing its ornamental appeal.

Common Names

The Madhumalti Dwarf is also known as the Dwarf Rangoon Creeper, Miniature Chinese Honeysuckle, or Quisqualis indica 'Minima.'


This compact vine typically grows up to 4-6 feet in height, displaying clusters of fragrant flowers that transition through various hues, including pink, red, and white as they mature.

Special Features

One of its most enchanting features is the color-changing blooms that start as white and gradually turn pink and red as they age, creating a captivating display of multicolored flowers. Additionally, its adaptability to containers makes it an excellent choice for small gardens and balconies.


The Madhumalti Dwarf serves as a stunning ornamental addition to gardens, providing an array of vibrant colors and pleasant fragrances. Its aromatic flowers are also used in traditional medicine for their medicinal properties.

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