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Magnolia liliflora - Plant

Magnolia liliflora - Plant

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Vermi Organics proudly presents the Magnolia liliflora Plant, a botanical masterpiece that graces gardens with its enchanting beauty. Known by its common name, the Jane Magnolia, this deciduous shrub is celebrated for its captivating tulip-shaped flowers and elegant form. With origins in Southeast Asia, Magnolia liliflora is a testament to the diversity within the magnolia genus. Explore the allure and versatility of this exquisite shrub as Vermi Organics introduces the Jane Magnolia to elevate your outdoor space into a haven of floral elegance.

About: Magnolia liliflora Plant, commonly referred to as the Jane Magnolia, is a member of the Magnoliaceae family. Native to Southeast Asia, this deciduous shrub has become a favorite among gardeners for its ornamental value and relatively compact size. Named after the captivating tulip-like flowers it produces, Magnolia liliflora has a rich history and has found its place as a sought-after addition to gardens around the world.

Benefits: The Magnolia liliflora Plant offers a range of benefits that extend beyond its visual appeal. The striking flowers, resembling tulips, attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies, contributing to the biodiversity of your garden. As a deciduous shrub, it provides shade during the warmer months, creating a comfortable retreat in your outdoor space. Additionally, Magnolia liliflora is known for its low maintenance, making it an accessible choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Type of Plant: Magnolia liliflora is primarily an outdoor plant, thriving in temperate and subtropical climates. Its compact size and slow growth make it suitable for gardens of varying sizes, from small urban spaces to larger landscapes. While it flourishes outdoors, the Jane Magnolia is not typically recommended for indoor cultivation due to its specific sunlight and temperature requirements.

Care: Caring for Magnolia liliflora involves providing the optimal conditions for its growth and flowering. This deciduous shrub prefers well-draining soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH. Planting in a location with full to partial sunlight ensures abundant blooms. Regular watering, especially during dry spells, is essential for establishing a healthy root system. Pruning, if necessary, can be done after flowering to shape the shrub and encourage new growth. With its moderate care requirements, the Jane Magnolia is a delightful addition to gardens with varying levels of gardening expertise.

Common Names: Magnolia liliflora is known by its common name, the Jane Magnolia, which specifically refers to the cultivar known as 'Jane.' While it is commonly referred to by its botanical name, the use of the common name adds a personal and approachable touch to the plant, making it more accessible to gardening enthusiasts.


  • Height: Magnolia liliflora typically reaches a height of 10 to 15 feet, creating a relatively compact and manageable shrub for various garden settings.
  • Flowers: The Jane Magnolia produces large, tulip-shaped flowers that vary in color from deep pink to reddish-purple. The blooms are a visual spectacle, covering the shrub in a burst of vibrant colors.
  • Foliage: The deciduous leaves are medium green and provide an attractive backdrop to the colorful flowers. The foliage adds to the overall appeal of Magnolia liliflora, especially during the growing season.

Special Features: One of the standout features of Magnolia liliflora is its exquisite flowers. The tulip-like blooms are not only visually striking but also emit a subtle fragrance, adding a sensory element to the garden. The compact size of the shrub makes it suitable for various garden designs, allowing for versatility in placement and landscaping.


  • Specimen Plant: Magnolia liliflora, with its captivating flowers, makes an excellent specimen plant. Plant it as a focal point in your garden to showcase its beauty and add a touch of elegance.
  • Mixed Borders: Incorporate the Jane Magnolia into mixed borders with other flowering shrubs and perennials. Its vibrant blooms provide a stunning contrast and complement the overall garden composition.
  • Small Gardens: Due to its compact size, Magnolia liliflora is well-suited for small gardens and urban landscapes. Its manageable growth allows for integration into confined spaces without overwhelming the surroundings.
  • Pollinator Gardens: The attractive flowers of Magnolia liliflora make it a valuable addition to pollinator gardens. The nectar-rich blooms attract bees and butterflies, enhancing the ecological balance of your outdoor space.
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