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Vermi Organics

Potting Soil Mix 5 Kg

Potting Soil Mix 5 Kg

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Elevate your gardening game with Vermi Organics' Potting Soil Mix 5 Kg. Expertly blended and available in a generous 5 Kg pack, our soil mix is the ideal choice for plant enthusiasts who seek the perfect balance of nutrients, moisture retention, and drainage. Whether you're potting indoor plants, balcony blooms, or garden greens, this mix promises to be the bedrock of robust growth.


  1. Nutrient-Rich: Infused with essential macro and micro-nutrients that ensure optimal plant growth and health.
  2. Perfect pH Balanced: Crafted to maintain a balanced pH level, facilitating maximum nutrient absorption.
  3. Superior Moisture Retention: Our mix retains moisture effectively, ensuring your plants stay hydrated, yet preventing water stagnation.
  4. Enhanced Drainage: Expertly formulated to promote excellent drainage, reducing the risk of root rot and over-watering.
  5. Organic & Sustainable: Made with eco-conscious methods, ensuring your plants get the purest, chemical-free environment to thrive in.
  6. Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of plants, from flowering species, succulents, to vegetable crops.

How to Use:

  1. Preparation: Begin by selecting a pot with drainage holes. This ensures any excess water can easily escape.
  2. Filling the Pot: Add a layer of coarse gravel or stones at the base for added drainage. Fill the pot halfway with Vermi Organics Potting Soil Mix 5 Kg.
  3. Planting: Gently place your plant in the pot, ensuring its roots are spread out. Add more soil to cover the roots, pressing down gently to remove air pockets.
  4. Watering: Initially, water the plant thoroughly. Going forward, water as per the plant's specific needs. Our mix ensures balanced moisture retention.
  5. Maintenance: Over time, consider adding compost or organic fertilizers to replenish the soil's nutrients.

For those who envision a verdant and vibrant garden, terrace, or indoor green space, Vermi Organics' Potting Soil Mix 5 Kg is your go-to choice. Let every scoop be a step towards healthier, happier plants.

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can we use for succulent plant

can we use for succulent plant