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Ramphal, Annona reticulata (Grafted) - Plant

Ramphal, Annona reticulata (Grafted) - Plant

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Introducing the Ramphal Annona reticulata (Grafted) Plant, a horticultural masterpiece proudly offered by Vermi Organics. This exceptional fruit-bearing tree represents the pinnacle of agricultural innovation, combining the exquisite qualities of the Ramphal with the advantages of grafting. With its grafted nature, this Ramphal variety promises enhanced vigor, faster growth, and consistent fruit quality. Dive into the world of Grafted Ramphal and discover how Vermi Organics is bringing a superior cultivation experience to horticulture enthusiasts.


Ramphal Annona reticulata (Grafted) Plant, known as Ramphal or Bullock's Heart, is a tropical fruit tree renowned for its delectable fruits. Grafting is a technique where a scion (desired variety) is attached to the rootstock of a different but compatible plant. Vermi Organics has harnessed the power of grafting to offer the Grafted Ramphal, ensuring that enthusiasts can experience the unparalleled taste and aesthetic appeal of this tropical gem with enhanced performance and reliability.


The Ramphal Annona reticulata (Grafted) Plant boasts a range of benefits that set it apart from traditionally grown varieties:

  • Enhanced Vigor: Grafting imparts increased vigor to the Ramphal tree, resulting in faster growth, improved resistance to diseases, and overall robustness.

  • Consistent Fruit Quality: Grafted Ramphal trees produce fruits with consistent quality, ensuring a reliable harvest of delectable and visually appealing Bullock's Heart fruits.

  • Adaptability: The rootstock used for grafting can confer specific traits such as tolerance to different soil conditions or improved resistance to environmental stress, enhancing the adaptability of the Grafted Ramphal.

Type of Plant:

The Grafted Ramphal is an outdoor fruit tree, thriving in tropical and subtropical climates. Due to its size and specific sunlight requirements, it is not suitable for indoor cultivation. Whether planted in gardens, orchards, or large containers on patios, the Grafted Ramphal promises to be a focal point of both beauty and bounty.


Caring for the Grafted Ramphal involves providing optimal conditions to maximize its growth and fruit production:

  • Sunlight: Plant the Grafted Ramphal in a location that receives full sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Adequate sunlight is crucial for fruit development and overall tree health.

  • Soil: Use well-draining soil rich in organic matter. The tree prefers slightly acidic to neutral soil pH. Mulching can help retain moisture and regulate soil temperature.

  • Watering: Maintain regular and deep watering, especially during dry periods. Adequate moisture is essential for the development of the fruits.

  • Pruning: Prune the tree to shape it and remove dead or crowded branches. Pruning encourages air circulation, reducing the risk of diseases and pests.

  • Fertilization: Apply a balanced fertilizer during the growing season to provide essential nutrients. Adjust the fertilizer composition based on soil test results.

Common Names:

The Grafted Ramphal is commonly known by the same names as its parent variety, including Ramphal and Bullock's Heart.


  • Height: Grafted Ramphal trees typically reach a height of 15 to 25 feet, creating a moderately sized tree suitable for various outdoor settings.

  • Leaves: The tree's leaves are broad, glossy, and dark green, contributing to the overall lush appearance of the tree.

  • Flowers: Grafted Ramphal trees produce fragrant, pale yellow to greenish flowers that precede the development of the characteristic heart-shaped fruits.

  • Fruits: The Grafted Ramphal produces large, heart-shaped fruits with a net-like pattern on the skin. The flesh is sweet, creamy, and aromatic, delivering a delightful tropical flavor.

Special Features:

The Grafted Ramphal showcases special features that make it a superior choice for fruit enthusiasts and horticulturists:

  • Grafting Advantages: The technique of grafting imparts enhanced vigor, disease resistance, and reliability to the Grafted Ramphal, ensuring a more successful cultivation experience.

  • Consistent Quality: Grafted Ramphal trees consistently produce fruits of high quality, both in terms of taste and appearance, promising a rewarding harvest.

  • Adaptability: The use of a specific rootstock during grafting can confer adaptability to different soil conditions and environmental factors, ensuring the Grafted Ramphal thrives in diverse settings.


The Grafted Ramphal serves various purposes, making it a valuable addition to gardens, orchards, and culinary endeavors:

  • Edible Fruits: Enjoy the delectable fruits fresh or use them in various culinary creations, from desserts to smoothies, showcasing the unique tropical flavor of the Grafted Ramphal.

  • Ornamental Value: Beyond its fruit-bearing capabilities, the Grafted Ramphal enhances the ornamental value of outdoor spaces with its broad leaves and distinctive heart-shaped fruits.

  • Fruit Orchards: Cultivate Grafted Ramphal trees in orchards dedicated to tropical and exotic fruits, adding diversity and premium quality to the fruit offerings.

  • Landscape Focal Point: Plant the Grafted Ramphal as a focal point in gardens, providing both visual interest and the promise of a bountiful harvest.

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