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Red samel, Bombax malabaricum - Plant

Red samel, Bombax malabaricum - Plant

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Embark on a botanical journey with Vermi Organics' offering of the Red samel Bombax malabaricum Plant, scientifically known as Bombax malabaricum. This majestic tree, indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, is celebrated for its vibrant red flowers, imposing stature, and cultural significance. Elevate your garden with the allure of the Red Simal, a testament to Vermi Organics' commitment to providing unique and captivating plants for enthusiasts seeking to create a green haven at home.

About: The Red samel Bombax malabaricum Plant, or Bombax malabaricum, is a deciduous tree that graces the tropical and subtropical regions of the Indian subcontinent. Also known as the Silk Cotton Tree, this botanical marvel belongs to the Bombacaceae family. Renowned for its striking appearance and versatile uses, the Red Simal has earned its place in traditional folklore and modern landscapes alike.

Benefits: Cultivating the Red samel Bombax malabaricum Plant in your garden offers a plethora of benefits. Beyond its visual appeal, the tree's wood is used for various purposes, and its bark is renowned for its medicinal properties in traditional practices. The vibrant red flowers not only enhance the aesthetic charm of your garden but also attract pollinators, contributing to the overall biodiversity of your outdoor space.

Type of Plant: The Red Simal is an outdoor plant, thriving in warm and tropical climates. Its growth is optimal in full sunlight, making it an ideal addition to gardens and landscapes. While it flourishes in well-drained soil, the Red Simal is adaptable and can thrive in various soil types, making it a versatile choice for gardening enthusiasts.

Care: Caring for your Red Simal involves providing it with the right conditions to showcase its full splendor. Ensure the tree receives ample sunlight, at least 6-8 hours per day, to facilitate healthy growth and blooming. Regular watering is essential, especially during dry spells, and well-draining soil is crucial to prevent waterlogging. Pruning can be employed to maintain the desired shape and size, and a balanced fertilizer can be applied during the growing season to support optimal development.

Common Names: The Red Simal goes by various common names, reflecting its widespread presence and diverse uses. In addition to being known as Bombax malabaricum, it is commonly referred to as the Red Silk Cotton Tree, Indian Bombax, and Semal.


  • Botanical Name: Bombax malabaricum
  • Common Names: Red Simal, Red Silk Cotton Tree, Indian Bombax, Semal
  • Type: Outdoor
  • Height: 50-80 feet
  • Sunlight: Full sun
  • Soil: Well-drained, adaptable
  • Watering: Regular, especially during dry periods
  • Maintenance: Moderate

Special Features: The Red Simal boasts several special features that contribute to its allure. The most striking is undoubtedly its vibrant red flowers, which bloom in abundance during specific seasons, creating a captivating spectacle. The tree's large, heart-shaped leaves add to its visual appeal, providing ample shade and creating a lush canopy. The wood of the Red Simal is lightweight yet durable, making it a valuable resource for various traditional applications.

Uses: The Red Simal holds cultural and practical significance in the regions where it thrives. Traditionally, the wood is employed in crafting canoes, agricultural implements, and even musical instruments. The bark is recognized for its medicinal properties, with traditional practices utilizing it to address various ailments. In urban landscapes, the Red Simal is a favorite for its ornamental value, offering shade, vibrant blooms, and a touch of cultural heritage to parks, gardens, and avenues.

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