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Semecarpus anacardium - Plant

Semecarpus anacardium - Plant

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Delve into the world of holistic well-being with Vermi Organics' Semecarpus anacardium Plant, a remarkable plant celebrated for its medicinal properties and cultural significance. Commonly known as Marking Nut Tree, this deciduous tree unveils a rich tapestry of uses, from traditional medicine to industrial applications. In this exploration, Vermi Organics introduces you to Semecarpus anacardium, a plant that not only stands as a testament to nature's diverse offerings but also invites you to embrace the synergy of health and heritage.

About: Semecarpus anacardium Plant, a member of the Anacardiaceae family, is native to South Asia and is particularly prevalent in India. Revered in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine, this tree has earned the moniker "Bhilawan" in Hindi. Beyond its medicinal uses, Semecarpus anacardium holds cultural significance, with various parts of the tree employed in religious rituals and ceremonies.

Benefits: The Semecarpus anacardium Plant boasts a plethora of benefits, primarily attributed to its bioactive compounds. In traditional medicine, different parts of the tree, such as the nuts and oil, are used for their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-rheumatic properties. Additionally, the tree's extracts have found applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Type of Plant (Indoor or Outdoor): Semecarpus anacardium is primarily an outdoor plant due to its size and growth requirements. Thriving in tropical and subtropical climates, it forms a medium to large-sized tree, making it ideal for gardens, parks, and landscapes. While not typically suited for indoor cultivation, the Marking Nut Tree's majestic presence enhances outdoor spaces.

Care: Caring for Semecarpus anacardium involves providing it with the right environmental conditions. Plant it in well-draining soil, and ensure it receives ample sunlight for healthy growth. Once established, the tree is relatively low-maintenance, requiring occasional watering and protection from extreme weather conditions.

Common Names: Semecarpus anacardium is known by various common names that reflect its characteristics and uses. Apart from the scientific name, Marking Nut Tree is a widely recognized term, referring to the nut's historical use in marking fabrics.


  • Botanical Name: Semecarpus anacardium
  • Common Names: Marking Nut Tree
  • Family: Anacardiaceae
  • Type: Deciduous Tree
  • Height: Up to 40 feet
  • Sunlight: Full sun
  • Watering: Moderate
  • Soil: Well-draining
  • Maintenance: Low

Special Features: Semecarpus anacardium possesses special features that contribute to its prominence in various fields. The tree produces small, kidney-shaped nuts that contain a caustic oil used historically for marking fabrics. The presence of bioactive compounds like bhilawanol enhances its medicinal and industrial significance.


  1. Traditional Medicine: Different parts of Semecarpus anacardium, including the nuts, bark, and oil, are used in traditional medicine for their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. They are employed in Ayurvedic formulations for various ailments.
  2. Industrial Applications: The caustic oil extracted from the nuts has been historically used in industries for marking fabrics and as a waterproofing agent. The tree's extracts also find applications in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
  3. Religious and Cultural Significance: The Marking Nut Tree holds cultural importance in India, where various parts of the tree are used in religious rituals and ceremonies. The nuts are often used as beads in traditional jewelry.
  4. Landscaping: Semecarpus anacardium's graceful form and vibrant foliage make it a valuable addition to gardens, parks, and public spaces, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the landscape.
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