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Shevanti, Chrysanthemum (Yellow) - Plant

Shevanti, Chrysanthemum (Yellow) - Plant

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Discover the vibrant allure of Shevanti Chrysanthemum (Yellow) Plant from Vermi Organics—a botanical gem that brings a burst of sunshine to your garden. With its cheerful yellow blooms and lush green foliage, this Chrysanthemum variety stands as a symbol of joy and radiance, creating a stunning focal point in any outdoor space.


Shevanti Chrysanthemum (Yellow) Plant, commonly known as Shevanti, have a rich cultural history and are revered for their captivating beauty. The Yellow Chrysanthemum, in particular, is a member of the Asteraceae family and is native to Asia and northeastern Europe. Cultivated for centuries for both ornamental and medicinal purposes, this Chrysanthemum variety has become a symbol of positivity and longevity.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Shevanti Chrysanthemum (Yellow) Plant boasts a range of benefits:

  • Aesthetic Pleasure: The bright yellow blooms add a splash of color to your garden, creating a visually pleasing and uplifting atmosphere.

  • Medicinal Uses: Traditionally, Chrysanthemums have been used in traditional medicine for their potential health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

  • Pollinator Attraction: The vibrant flowers attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, contributing to the overall health of your garden ecosystem.

Type of Plant:

Shevanti, Chrysanthemum (Yellow), is primarily an outdoor plant, thriving in garden beds, containers, or hanging baskets. Its preference for ample sunlight makes it a perfect addition to your outdoor landscape.


Caring for your Yellow Chrysanthemum involves some essential steps to ensure its optimal growth and blooming:

  • Sunlight: Provide your Chrysanthemum with at least six hours of sunlight daily for robust flowering.

  • Watering: Maintain consistent soil moisture, ensuring the soil is well-drained to prevent waterlogging.

  • Pruning: Regular deadheading and pruning help promote continuous blooming and maintain a tidy appearance.

  • Soil: Use well-draining, nutrient-rich soil for planting to support the plant's overall health.

Common Names:

The Yellow Chrysanthemum is commonly known as Shevanti, reflecting its regional nomenclature. In various cultures, it may also be referred to as Yellow Mum or Golden Daisy.


  • Height: The Yellow Chrysanthemum typically reaches a height of 1 to 3 feet, creating a compact yet impactful presence in your garden.

  • Blooms: The vibrant yellow blooms feature a daisy-like appearance with multiple petals, creating a striking visual display.

  • Foliage: The green foliage is lush and serves as an excellent backdrop to the bright blooms.

Special Features:

The Yellow Chrysanthemum boasts special features that enhance its appeal:

  • Seasonal Blooms: This Chrysanthemum variety is known for its profuse blooms during the fall, adding a burst of color to your autumn garden.

  • Longevity: With proper care, Chrysanthemums can be long-lived, providing years of joy and beauty to your outdoor space.

  • Versatility: Whether planted in garden beds, used as border plants, or featured in containers, the Yellow Chrysanthemum adapts well to various garden designs.


The versatility of the Yellow Chrysanthemum makes it suitable for a variety of uses:

  • Garden Borders: Plant along garden borders to create a vibrant and colorful edge that transitions beautifully from summer to fall.

  • Containers and Hanging Baskets: Elevate your patio or balcony with the cheerful blooms of the Yellow Chrysanthemum planted in containers or hanging baskets.

  • Cut Flowers: Harvest the blooms for stunning cut flower arrangements, bringing the beauty of the garden indoors.

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Rohini Mehendale
Good experience

Packed perfectly. Very nicel and fresh plants are delivered. As per my order. . Good experience. Thanks.